What is DQ?

Dread Quarter is a budget Magic: The Gathering format, designed to offer rich and varied gameplay at low cost.

It's Pioneer, but Affordable.

Format Rules

Dread Quarter is a 60-card rotating magic format consisting of Pioneer-era cards that are at or under $0.35 market price on TCGPlayer. Cards enter and leave the format 4 times a year in seasons tied to the standard set releases. A card's season price is the 7-day average price for the 7 days following the set's release date.

  • All cards priced $0.35 or less are legal
  • Once legal, Cards over $0.35 remain legal for four seasons unless they exceed $1.00.
  • All other cards priced over $0.35 are banned

This means that cards which slowly creep up in price over $0.35 will stay in the format for one year. However if a card spikes in price over $1.00 it might only be in the format for one season.

All color fixing land cycles share an average season price.

Each year with the release of the first fall set, the legal price limit will be increased by one penny to adjust for inflation.

Format Philosophy

  • Limitations foster creativity. We are brewers at heart and love exploring new interactions.
  • Expensive mythics are harmful for the game. More power doesn't necessarily mean more fun.
  • We need a low barrior to entry format. You can build two decks for the price of a single shockland.
  • Hasbro does not deserve our money. WotC is propping up this faliure of a company and it's sad.

Where to Play?

Join the Discord to find games!

Right now we play on cockatrice, MTGO, paper, webcam, etc.

More Questions?

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